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Trying to update field in output using date field from input to create unique id

02-20-2019 10:54 AM
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I am hoping to use GeoEvent to populate a unique identifier attribute field with the date/time stamp that the GeoEvent was received. For example, my GeoEvent Input is polling a feature service for new records that are added. When a new record shows up, I'd like to populate another attribute field in that same feature service with the date/time stamp of the new record.

My first thought was to field calculate the unique id field using the "receivedTime()" value that I found in the documentation. Here are my Processor Properties and my GeoEvent service:

I should mention my input is Polling a hosted feature service and creating a new GeoEvent Definition. My output is Updating a Feature against that same hosted feature service.

I can't get this to work and I've struck out with my other ideas. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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