Text Input Connector Not Working

05-01-2019 06:08 AM
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So I'm trying to bring text into GeoEvent to parse the fields via Field Calculator and then use Field Mapper to match the data into the correct fields for the output.  The issue I'm running into is the data format is as follows:

Text/text/text/text//text////text/text/text or something similar.  I've set the field separator as / to break up the individual sections I want to be able to map.  I have to use a field calculator, or so I think, to break out the lat lon as they are in a single field (between two /'s).

The issue occurs when trying to bring the actual data into GeoEvents.  Via a TCP connection, I can see log entries stating GeoEvent doesn't know what to do with the data (displays the whole data string, /'s and all) and says it is going to dump the cache.  So I figured is I tried to bring it in as a text file first, I could build a workflow around it, then swap it out for the TCP connection.  The main problem is I can't seem to bring it in as a text file, and adjusting the variables of the connector result in either: "No content to map due to end of input" or an error stating "*" is invalid (I've since remoed that from from the input file filter setting).

My current input settings are:

Event Separator: \n

Field Separator: /

Incoming data contains GeoEvent Definintions:  No

Create Fixed GeoEvent Definitions:  No

GeoEvent Definition Name Existing: name of the file

Build Geometry from fields:  No

Use File Name as Channel ID:  No

Delete Files after Processing:  No

Input Directory:  Blank

Input File Filter:  Blank

Input Folder Destination: Location of the registered folder where the file is

Include Sub Folders:  No

Is this a text file:  Yes

Sorry for the lack of screen shots, but there's no way for me to provide any.  Can anyone provide any assistance with this?

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