Simulator: Geometries are OK but all null attributes

08-06-2013 05:42 AM
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I have set up a service that roughly follows the GeoEvent tutorial but uses my own data. The Geometries (points) are read in fine, but none of the other attributes come in. After I run the simulator, there are a lot of new GeoEvent Definitions created with names that look like they are coming from the values in my .csv file.

I suspect that the service is not using the GeoEvent definition I created and instead is creating one on the fly for each record it is reading.

Any suggestions?

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I think your guess is exactly right.  The input is not using the GeoEvent definition you created. 

  • Go to the Inputs tab in the Manager web pages. 

  • Click the edit button (looks like a pencil) next to the name of your input.

  • Expand the Advanced section. 

  • Make sure the radio button next to "Incoming Data Contains GeoEvent Definition:" says "No". 

  • Next make sure "Create Fixed GeoEvent Definitions:" is "No".

  • Now make sure the "GeoEvent Definition Name" has the geoevent definition you created.

  • Click the Save button

This should start creating the right type of geoevents.
Unfortunately you will have to delete all those other definitions (hopefully there isn't too many).
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I had used the wrong name in the definition, that did the trick. Thanks!
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