Re: 10.3 Problem with Input and GeoEvent Definition

07-10-2015 09:54 AM
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I have the same problem even when I use the tutorial csv files.

All the coordinates are truncated after the point. It's easy to see it in the TCP output window:

a coordinate like "-79.585739043999979,34.265521039000078" becomes "-79, 34"Capture.PNG

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Marc -

Is it possible that your system has a Locale other than 'English'?

Numeric values in the simulation file use ‘.’ as the decimal separator, rather than a ‘,’ as is typical in many European locales. The GeoEvent Extension will assume your server’s locale if the Language for Number Formatting parameter is unspecified in the TCP/Text input you've configured to receive the simulated data.

If this is the case, you need to specify en_US for the Language for Number Formatting parameter (see attached illustration).

Module 2 in the Introduction to GeoEvent tutorial was updated July 30th (2015) to clarify this. Please download the latest tutorial and refer to pages 29 - 31 which discusses configuring the TCP/Text input for the exercise.

Hope this information helps -


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Hello RJ,

Thanks a lot, it works fine now with the "en_US" setting, but actually, FYI, my ArcGIS for Server is in english, and it's only my OS that's in french.

Furthermore, the decimal separator was already set to "." and not ","

Best regards,


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