No events are written to SBDS with TCP-text-in

08-21-2017 09:12 AM
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Dear colleagues,

I struggle getting geoevents from GeoEvent Simulator to the spatiotemporal big data store. I successfully implemented the tutorial with FAA Flights coming in from a stream service to the SBDS. I can view the services with the aggregated bins.

But for my own csv-based events GeoEvent Server does not write any features into the SBDS. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help. Appreciate!

Happy Eclipse Day,



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Hi Philip, 

For your CSV data, have you created a new Spatiotemporal Data Store that corresponds to the new GeoEvent definition? When I work with Spatiotemporal data I've gotten into a habit of creating one data store per output GeoEvent definition. That way I can guarantee that records get written and data displays. 

A good way to break this down and troubleshoot the root problem is to describe the workflow you implemented when using the CSV data. What differentiates it from the FAA Flights tutorial workflow? Normally the devil is in the details when it comes to GeoEvent Services and sometimes can be a simple fix. 



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In addition to what Chris says, keep in mind that the type of inbound connector is irrelevant.  Once an inbound adapter takes data from and inbound transport and instantiates a GeoEvent event record ... you can send that event record to any type of output.  You can ingest TCP/Text, or XML received via HTTP, and send that data out to a system file, a stream service, or update feature records in a spatiotemporal big data store.

The key is probably going to be designing your GeoEvent Service to include a Field Mapper as the final node in the event processing flow, immediately before the event record it sent to your add/update feature records in a spatiotemporal big data store output.

If the SBDS output receives an event record whose structure matches the GeoEvent Definition used when the SBDS data source was created ...  you shouldn't have any problem adding/updating feature records in the SBDS.

- RJ

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Chris and RJ,

thank you for your advice. I've tested several times and now it works. Here are my conclusions.

- as I work with a German Windows OS, it is better to write the CSV files with ";"-separated und floating numbers with "," as separator

- once I delete all data from a spatiotemporal big data source I cannot send any more data into it. I then have to create a new data source and add a new output in the GeoEvent (although input data and GeoEvent definitions remain the same)

--> is this a common behavior?

Thanks again,


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