Loop Errors in GeoEvent

08-10-2020 08:05 AM
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Hello, I'm developing an applicartion with GeoEvent 10.8.1 an I have a problem with loops. When I publish a service, appears an error that says: "Loops are not allowed: Loop 1: ......" But I don't have any loop in my app. I know what is a loop, and the app has none. It's an big app, with more than 125 processors, maybe 200 processors will be necessary. Do services have a processor o connections (arrows between processors) limit? How can I "debug" to found the errors on the service?

Thank you very much for any idea.

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Hello Jose

To be clear, you are developing a custom web application which complements or reproduces what you can do using the GeoEvent Manager?  So you're authenticating with the GeoEvent Server's administrative REST API to (probably automate) the creation of a bunch of processors, publishing a workflow connecting these processors as a GeoEvent Service.

Does the service publish, albeit in an error state?  If the service publishes you can export an XML representation of the configuration and inspect that to look for where the GeoEvent Service publication and validation is detecting a loop. There is no hard limit I'm aware of for how many processors you can place in a GeoEvent Service or how many different event flow connections you bring into or extent out from a node (e.g a processor or filter). There are certainly practical limits, and you should understand that every time a node handles an event there is some non-zero latency associated with that operation. Complicated real-time analytics applied through complicated event processing workflows through GeoEvent Services can severely impact the overall event records you can expect a GeoEvent Server instance to be able to handle.

I have attached a simple illustration of an XML snapshot from an export of a GeoEvent Server configuration. Reading the XML, you'll be able to review the <flow> of a GeoEvent Service and see the <from> and <to> connections between every node. Hopefully the illustration helps with an audit / inspection of your more complicated GeoEvent Service.

– RJ

Illustrated XML anatomy of a GeoEvent Service

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