Issues with getting an RSS feed in GEP

10-18-2014 03:22 PM
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I will try not to be too lengthy with this question, but I want to make sure you guys have all the information you need.


I am trying to poll a NOAA buoy's rss feed as a test. I recently set up an input to receive RSS feed data, and it created its own GeoEvent Definition (GED). However, an exact copy of the GED was created days ago when I tried to receive the RSS feed then as well. Long story short, I had two GEDs and had no idea which was the right one, so I deleted both. Now the input is still apparently TRYING to poll the URL (at the specified 30 sec interval), but I do not get any data whatsoever. When I look in the Log, I see that there is an error that states there is a com.esri.ges.transport.http.HttpInboundTransport issue. It also gives me this error under the Message heading:


error while getting from no protocol: at<init>(Unknown Source)[:1.7.0_51] at<init>(Unknown Source)[:1.7.0_51] at<init>(Unknown Source)[:1.7.0_51] at com.esri.ges.transport.http.HttpUtil.createHttpRequest([256:com.esri.ges.framework.transport.http-transport:10.2.2] at com.esri.ges.transport.http.HttpUtil.createHttpRequest([256:com.esri.ges.framework.transport.http-transport:10.2.2] at com.esri.ges.transport.http.HttpInboundTransport.getData([256:com.esri.ges.framework.transport.http-transport:10.2.2] at com.esri.ges.transport.http.HttpInboundTransport$[256:com.esri.ges.framework.transport.http-transport:10.2.2]


This was working before I deleted the two GEDs. I have deleted inputs and reentered them. I have changed settings within inputs to see if I can get it to give me something...anything. I have signed out of both my Server Manager and GeoEvent Processor window and signed back in. Can anyone help?

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