Input Feed has not UniqueID

09-23-2020 12:36 PM
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I am working with a vendor that has an API interface that returns a JSON feed BUT the feed has not UID (just LAT, LONG, DATETIME, and a painting field). I am trying to push that info into a hosted feature layer, but I believe I need a UID set as TRACK_ID for that to work.

So my question is: Is it possible in Geoevent to create a UID on the fly using a Processor? Is there any other ways to push that JSON feed into my HFL?

Thank you


below is the raw JSON feed

"position": {
"lat": 45.2972653666667,
"lon": -117.810934766667
"isPainting": false,
"datetime": "2020-05-22T18:25:30.861000+00:00"

Below is my current Geoevent Service (the CSV file is getting populated but not the HFL)

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Have you tried using the Field Calculator and just add a field with a value to act as a trackid? This might require getting the geoevent definitions setup appropriately between the input and output as well. I hope this helps.

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Hi Dominic Roberge‌,

do you just want to add all incoming features to a feature service? If you don't have a TRACK_ID you can not update features. And only for updating features you need the TRACK_ID. 

If you just want to add all incoming features to a service you can use "Add a Feature" instead of "Update a Feature". In this case you won't need a unique feature identifier field.



Edit: If the incoming Data is just from one moving object you could just use the field calculator to define a harcoded id, like brian mentioned.

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Hi Stefan

that's what I was using (add a feature) . So I tested on my Portal and everything was working fine, so I created a NEW hosted feature layer on AGOL and everything started working just as expected.

I was also able to calculate a uniqueID using the dateTime (yyyymmddhhmmss)...

So thank you all for your advice, we are back in business

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