GEP DEV sample definition/property issue

12-02-2019 05:52 PM
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I copied one of the GEP sample: "sample-adapter" to another directory. I was able to build it and import it to GEP. Then I did two changes:

1. Deleting all the properties files with a 'locale' so that there is only the '' left.

2. In the '' file, I changed the label value and the description value.

However, after importing the new adapter, the result still shows in a local language. (The version number looks strange too because I thought it is from the pom.xml where I don't see 10.5.0)

Can anyone help me with it?  I tried with the other samples, the results are the same. 

Thank you very much for your help!

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Hi Minxue Chen‌,

working with property files is a little bit tricky. I think in a way they are cached.

First of all you could go to SampleInboundAdapterDefinition and just replace the property reference with your own String to test if it works like expected:

return "${sample.gep.sample-adapter.ADAPTER_IN_LABEL}";

return "My Sample Adapter";‍‍‍

I 'am not absolutely sure what to do to get rid of the caching. I guess you could stopp GeoEvent, delete the content of the data folder and start it again. In this case all bundles gets recreated. But this is nothing you always want to do if anything changes in your property file.

By the way, be carefull when changing other stuff later on. Like the artifact or group id of the project. This will also affect that you have to rename the folder where your property files are stored. Check the GeoEvent Developer Guide for more information on that.



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