GeoFence Field Enricher-GeoTagger Suggestion

02-13-2018 11:03 AM
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Any suggestion on the workflow for the following goal I am trying to achieve. The goal is to Field Enrich a polygon (also doubles as a GeoFence) with the last vehicle which entered/exited the polygon. I'm currently GeoTagging the vehicle with the polygon it enters thereby adding the polygon name (unique ID) and time stamp of occurrence. I'm outputting this new feature using the Add a Feature to an ArcGIS Spatiotemporal Big Data Store (SBDS) and effectively cataloging the history of vehicles entering and exiting the polygons. What I would like to do is create another GeoEvent Service which Field Enriches the polygon with the last vehicle that entered/exited but I'm running into a road block. The join (Field Enrich) between the polygon and vehicle SBDS is one to many and it will not return the most recent vehicle. Upon seeing this I changed my approach and added a second output to a SBDS which Updated a Feature in an ArcGIS SBDS (instead of Add a Feature . . . SBDS). This workflow is closer because now my join (Field Enrich) between the polygon and the GeoTagged vehicle is one to one but I have one problem. I can only have one vehicle GeoTagged with one polygon at a time. When a vehicle leaves polygon 1 and enters polygon 2 it only retains the attributes of the polygon 2 visit. It works well for wanting to identify the most recent polygon a particular vehicle visited but not for my goal of the last vehicle which entered/exited the polygon. Is there a Processor or Filter which could help that I am possibly overlooking? Also, I'm working in a Portal 10.5 environment.

Thanks for any suggestions

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