Geoevent - what kind of input connector?

11-06-2017 11:59 AM
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Hopefully a straightforward GeoEvent question - 

We have a table published through ArcServer, that is non-spatial but has a geometry field (string type) that has the "rings" in the data:

 "geom": "{\"geometry\": {\"rings\": [[[-12353977.997689484, 3793219.355957223], [-12353977.997689482, 3793219.3559572226], etc.

Hoping to get this input table into a geoevent service that takes the 'geom' field and writes to a feature service with a matching schema.  

Not being terribly familiar with JSON, I'm just looking for confirmation that I would use a 'Poll an External Website for JSON" input connector for this?  I have one built, but features are not making it to the output feature service.  Obviously could be many issues here, but I'm wondering if there this is the correct input connector and if there are any steps/processesors that need to be added to create the geometry from this source.

I have tagged the 'geom' field as 'geometry' on the input side.

Thanks -


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