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05-05-2015 12:51 PM
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I'm in the process of setting up the GeoEvent Processor. My input feed is from Networkfleet and I'm having some issues getting the fields mapped properly to the feature class in my database. I'm not using the field mapping processor. For the time being I'm just connecting the source with the output. Some of the fields that I've created like VIN and Latitude map okay, while others like Vehicle Label, Assigned To, will not. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong..

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Don't know if you ever found your answer, but I am in the process of setting this up as well.  Attached is what Network Fleet sent me.  On page 13 and 14 there are some details that may help in setting up your field mapping.


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No, I'm working with Esri on it. Networkfleet doesn't have much documentation public for the GeoEvent integration. We did some testing yesterday to see what fields were piped in, not trying to figure out the configuration part.

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Hello Daniel -

I see that from your post that you're working with Esri on mapping the fields from the feed you are receiving from Network Fleet in order to update features in a feature class.

Esri Technical Support should be able to help you with this, but as a reference, you might want to take a look at Module 4 of the product introduction tutorial. Specifically pages 30-31 and 36-38 which illustrate how a Field Mapper is used to change the fields / schema of a GeoEvent. Mapping a GeoEvent from one schema or event definition to another so that you can update features through a feature service is primarily what the Field Mapper processor is used for.

You can download the product tutorial from our Product Gallery. Here's a link to the tutorials:

Hope this information helps -


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Thanks RJ. We may have figured it out. The data I'm looking for doesn't appear to be a constant feed from NF. I'm waiting on confirmation, but the vehicle information only appears when a new device is registered. I should get word back from NF soon.

I may have to plug in some static tables and join based on the VIN, but the goal was to show.