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GeoEvent Server - New Spatiotemporal Data Source Max Record Count

05-16-2023 07:46 PM
New Contributor II

When creating a new spatiotemporal big data store data source in GeoEvent Server Manager, the 'Max Record Count' input cannot be more than 2,147,483,647.

Error: Numeric value (2,147,483,648) out of range of int (-2,147,483,648, -2,147,483,647)

Max record count description: 'Specifies the maximum number of features to render or query.'

We are expecting more than that number of rows to be ingested into a spatiotemporal feature service and expecting analysts to potentially query the entire dataset.

In terms of ingesting big data this doesn't seem to align - or is the interpretation of what the field means off?

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New Contributor III

Similarly are having issues with this restriction in max record count in my organisation. Would be beneficial to have the max record count increased to better align with real-world big data problems. 

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