Geoevent Inputs not being pushed to Services

03-07-2018 02:48 PM
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I have a feature service hosted on a remote GIS server, in which I have a table, and a feature with points, both with matching service IDs. 

The table is the important data, but it does not have any geometry data, so I need to join the two together.

To do this I was able to have the table set up as an input and piped through a service that simply joined the geometry to the Geoevent definition and then pushed it to output as a new feature is hosted locally on the machine.

This worked great until I went to make a change to the table, and after re-publishing the Service stopped working altogether.

At first, the field enricher process was not working, and the virtual geoevent data was not moving past that point in the Service. So I decided to restart the whole server and now it got worse. Now my inputs happen and show up in the monitor as counted and such, but according to the service, nothing was ever input. In the service, it still says 0.

I have does several restarts and recreates at this point, and the odd thing is that it only happens if I am using data coming from the remote server. Local data or simulated data still works no problems.

No errors are showing up in my log.

Any ideas?

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