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Geoevent input connector dynamic parameters

04-24-2020 01:55 PM
New Contributor III

Hello everyone.

I had created a simple geoevent service that poll an external website for JSON and put the output in a feature service. The process is working well but I need to run the process every day with different parameters (currentDay). For example, init_date=202004240000&end_date=202004242359.

I just wondering if is there a way to put dynamic parameters in a geovent input connector (Poll an External Website for JSON)?

Thank you in advance.

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@Alexander_DanielMena , Hi!

It is very interesting task. I have the same problem. Can you, please, tell me do you found the solve of this question?

At now I get the data about weather in 25 cities by using 25 separate input. But I want to improve this perfomance and use parameters in input configure - use parameters like city_name=name1&city_name=name2 etc. Is this possible way to get info?
Thanks a lot!

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