Geoevent and Zonar input connector

10-12-2016 08:44 AM
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I hear news of an available Zonar input connector for GeoEvent.  My understanding is that it's available through Zonar (not downloadable through ESRI), and that ESRI needs to help with installation?  Wondering if anyone has gone through this, and has tips on how to get started, as well as how difficult installation/configuration of the Zonar connector is w/o an on-site ESRI staff person visit.  Didn't see anything obvious poking around on the Zonar site.

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I have been working with ESRI staff as well as Zonar staff for over three months now and we still do not have a good stream service that is accessible. I have been in talks with Zonar initiatiors and so far they have been little to no help. They try to push their dashboard and it is very old and limited. ESRI could you please create a Zonar plugin that works.

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At last check, the Zonar feed was working OOTB with GeoEvent using the following endpoint.  The documentation doesn't mention at the top, but the method does return XML and JSON.

The status is bit-encoded, so you may have to use a field calculator or filter to do something with it (or just use the numbers as is and symbolize on that).



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