Error in send an Email in geoevent server

01-06-2021 11:44 PM
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I have use Send an Email output since in geoevent a year and everything working properly.
But few days ago I got this message : Status: Error - Stopping Stream '.........' because the Transport is not available.
Does anyone face this issue before ?
Or does anyone have an idea about this issue?

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Hey @nasserhinai 

The error you are receiving indicates that the email transport that comes with GeoEvent has somehow failed and has been unloaded.  You should try one of the following first.

1. Stop the GeoEvent Windows Service, delete the contents of the data folder in the GeoEvent installation directory (don't delete the data folder, just its contents and subfolders).  Restart the GeoEvent Server Windows service. Check to see if the email output is working.

2. Re-run the GeoEvent Server installation and choose the 'Repair' option. After the installation is repaird, repeat 1 above.

If neither of these fixes the issue, we will need to look at your configuration and your logs to see what is going on.



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Hi @EricIronside ,

I am facing the same issue, will doing your fist suggestion delete any on the inputs/outputs or configurations i have setup on the geoevent manager?

geoevent issue.JPG

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Hey @najeebhall 

Deleting the contents of the <GeoEventInstall>/Data/ folder will not impact your configuration and will not delete any inputs, outputs or service configurations.  The contents of the /Data/ folder act as a local cache where GeoEvent stores temporary files. Deleting this folder will force GeoEvent to reload its underlying components (uncompress, create temporary files, etc.).