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01-04-2014 08:07 PM
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I have created an Input where the GeoEvent will be create aytimaticlly from the input, and by mistake I sent about 1000 record with different values. now I have about 1000 GeoEvent Definition, I want to delete these definitions, is there any way other than manual delete which will take 3 days to do it.
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is there any way other than manual delete . . .

The only way right now is to do it with some file editing.  If you prefer XML, you can follow the instructions in this thread.  If you find JSON easier to edit, then try the instructions below.

  1. Stop the GeoEvent Processor by opening the Windows Services list and stopping the service for GEP.

  2. Find the folder <GEP_Install_Folder>/config/geoeventdefinitions.  Copy this folder's contents to another location just in case something gets corrupted during the next few steps.  It is easy to make a mistake when manually editing these files.

  3. There is a folder in there called "index" containing a file called "index.json"  Think of this as the list of all GeoEvent Definitions.  Open this file in a JSON editor.  If you don't have one, JSON Lint is a good option.  Find the ones you want to keep and remove all others.  Then save the file.  Make sure that the JSON structure is valid before saving the new file (i.e. there curly brackets should all match up properly).

  4. Now go to the <GEP_Install_Folder>/config/geoeventdefinitions.  There is a file for each of the GeoEvent Definitions you created.  Note that they are named with the Globally Unique Identifier (GUID), not the name of the GeoEvent Definition.  You will need to delete all of the GeoEvent Definitions you removed from the index file.  I find that it is easiest to just move them all to a temp location, and then (using the new index file as a reference list) find and restore the ones I want to keep.

  5. Now you can restart the GeoEvent Processor, and see if the right GeoEvent Definitions are visible.

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where do I find those geoeventdefinitions in 10.5.1?

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