Custom Esri GPS Enricher for Verizon Network Fleet

11-08-2019 10:43 AM
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Is anyone aware of a custom Esri GPS Enricher that can be used with Verizon Network Fleet?

In the example we are interested in, the GPS Enricher would be used to combine both the sensor and location messages from the Verizon Network Fleet feed.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello Eric –

I'll check with Eric Ironside‌ on our team. I thought that he had an update for the Verizon Connect (Telogis) Connector which leveraged dynamic templates to provide a more reliable method for users who want to update both driver and vehicle metadata from the Verizon feed. I mention this to make sure you are aware that there are two different connectors available:

The "Verizon Connect" connector is newer and supports data request polling (vs. the older "Networkfleet" connector which I thought required you to allow Verizon to push XML data to your GeoEvent Server).

In the interim, have you considered establishing a feature service whose schema has attributes for both the "sensor" and "location" messages and using a partial geoevent definition to update first one part then another part of the feature record as messages of different types are received? You also might consider using an Event Joiner processor, which is a new processor introduced in the 10.7.1 release.


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RJ / Eric


Thank you both for your comments / support.


Our city public works is using Verizon Network Fleet for their AVL, I’m not familiar with the Verizon Connect (Telogis) Connector?  I wonder if that is something we should inquire with Verizon about, or if that is an option we can request?


I’m waiting to hear back from another community, in notes they shared with me earlier this year it mentioned an Esri GPS Enricher (combines sensor & location messages) for their GeoEvent Services.  


The partial GeoEvent definition blog post you shared appears to be the line we are looking at.


The end goal is to show every location fix combined with the sensor being in the ON position, this would allow a buffer to geotag the event to a street segment for a spatial join.   This should result in showing all the road segments that have been serviced and at what time that service occurred…in the immediate case, streets that have been plowed and/or sanded.

As outlined in your partial GeoEvent post, the steps might include an initial definition to receive the location message, and then be updated when the sensor definition is in ON position?   Or maybe it’s vice versa…definition for ON and update then with location?


The more I think about this, the more I wonder if it will work, it seems that the sensor location only pings GeoEvent when a sensor is flipped ON / OFF – so there is nothing to show in between.  We want to show the entire stretch of road that is plowed, not just the single block segment when the switch is flipped ON.

We just did wrap up installing 10.6.1 across our enterprise, the rolling out of 10.7 may be a while...maybe for next winter plow season?

Thank you again for you time and responses, I do read many of your (RJs) postings regarding GeoEvent.  It's new to me/us and I feel we are only scratching the surface of functionality.

We will try your suggestions and will also follow up with the other community.


Eric S

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