Can I set SBDS service properties programatically?

10-25-2018 01:54 PM
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In GeoEvent Manager under Site -> Spatiotemporal Big Data Stores we have the ability to create and configure data sources. As far as I can tell there is no way to alter service properties programatically, such as through a REST API. Is this correct? Is there a plan to eventually have a REST API for GeoEvent / SBDS service configuration?

My particular use case involves altering the Refresh Interval parameter on my data source. The help pop-up for that setting says, "..... Setting the value to '-1' disables the data indexing, for a period of time, until the value is set back to a positive number. Dynamically changing the value to '-1' and back for a period of time is useful for cases where there is a big burst of events, allowing for a more performant bulk-indexing action." . We have large quantities of data to load periodically, like once a day for example, in addition to real-time data. We'd like to schedule the loading of those big bursts to occur outside of business hours. In these scenarios we'd be scripting in Python to fetch the bulk data from another system at some scheduled time, like midnight, feed it into GeoEven via websocket, and have the data available for use the next morning. It would be useful if our Python script could switch the Refresh Interval to -1 prior to loading and then flip it back to 1 once loading is complete. It isn't practical for us to do this manually given that we want to schedule this outside of business hours.

Failing programmatic access to that parameter, can anyone make recommendations as to how it should be set? How resource (CPU, RAM) intensive is the indexing process? Is it likely to cause users to notice performance differences when querying or viewing the data?



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