Can GeoEvent retrieve pages imbbeded in the result?

02-10-2020 10:15 AM
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Scooters feeds using Mobility Data Specification (MDS) have a page element in the results. I imagine this is done so the entire payload is not sent back at once, but in pages. The idea is to request the payload with the original URL and token, then get the nextPage element to get the next page URL.

When we started with GeoEvent 10.6.1, this was not possible, nor was the renewal of a token when it expired. ESRI helped us with the creation of a new transport to renew a token once it expired, but we were not able to handle pages. As a result, we moved to Python, looping through the URLs and downloading the data into a feature class as we moved through the different pages provided in the payload.

Can GeoEvent handle anything like that? Can GeoEvent read anything that comes in the payload and use it as the new URL?

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