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10-28-2013 12:47 AM
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I am have an incoming TCP text feed where the location is in separate X & Y fields. In the Receive text from a TCP Socket I have specified that the geometry should be built from fields and specified that fields it should use, however, nothing happens. I have connected the incoming text to the Text-Out-TCP connector and if I specify to build the geometry there is no output. If I leave the build geometry off I get an output.

I have tried setting the fields to double and float with out any success.

Here is what the data looks like.

VDK690GP,2013-09-12 13:30:00.000,28.0462818145752,-26.1270503997803,52,Driving

Any ideas on what is going wrong would be greatly appreciated.

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In your connector, use the following settings:

Build from Geometry = "yes"
X Geometry Field = "Longitude"
Y Geometry Field = "Latitude"
Z Geometry Field = "" (blank)
wkid = "" (blank)
Well Known Text = "" (blank)

The X and Y fields should be float or double.  There should also be a geometry field in the GeoEvent Definition that is not in your incoming data stream (you can add it at the end if you don't have one.  The geometry field can have any name, but it's type must be Geometry and it must have the "GEOMETRY" tag.

Let us know if this works for you.

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Hi Ryan,

That worked. Thanks.

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Hi all,
Does anyone know how to change the geometry after receiving from Input ?
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06-24-2014 04:45 AM  Hei Jo wrote:

Does anyone know how to change the geometry after receiving from Input

Change the geometry how?

At the 10.2.x product release you won't be able to do much with a Geometry event attribute. For example, you cannot reach into a Geometry to retrieve its coordinate values.

At the 10.3 product release there will be a new type of processor available to incorporate into your GeoEvent Services which will allow you to buffer a received Geometry ... for example.

Have you taken a look at the Introduction to GeoEvent Processor tutorial on our Product Gallery?

Here's a link to a catalog of the product's available tutorials.

In 'Appendix A' of the tutorial there is a section Using a Field Calculator Processor to compute a Geometry which shows how to generate a String representation (as JSON) of a "geometry", incorporating coordinate values from a received event into a Field Calculator processor's expression. Any changes you want to make to an event's "geometry" might need to follow that pattern.

- RJ

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It appears your links above are broken.



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Thank you tim.poe@byers.com6‌ - I've repaired the links.

- RJ

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