Big Datstore: Data source cannot be created, Rejecting mapping update..

02-14-2020 07:47 AM
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I am trying to just Create a Datasource in the Spatiotemporal Big Data Store via GeoEvent Server.

For testing purpose the GeoEvent Definition is a simple one with just a track_id, name and geometry. With the default configuration options I am always getting the following error message:

Data source "NAME_OF_GEOEVENT_DEFINITION" cannot be created. 
Failed to create the DataSource. Error: {"error":{"root_cause":
[{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"Rejecting mapping update to
[bc11eb20-f339-421f-b99f-1c49de0e147c_es5-5-0] as the final mapping
would have more than 1 type: [---metadata---,
"reason":"Rejecting mapping update to [bc11eb20-f339-421f-b99f-1c49de0e147c_es5-5-0]
as the final mapping would have more than 1 type: [---metadata---,

Does anyone have an idea what causes the problem?

Best Stefan

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With newer versions of the ArcGIS Data Store, it is no longer allowed to create more than one table in a Spatiotemporal Data Store's Data Source. Is it possible you have an ArcGIS system with an older version of ArcGIS GeoEvent Server trying to create a Data Source on a newer version of ArcGIS Data Store?

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Hi Hanoch Kalmanovich,

yes you got me. Currently ArcGIS Enterprise is 10.7.1 but GeoEvent is still 10.6.1. This is because we had to roll back GeoEvent cause of some issues and we currently wait for the 10.7.1 Patch, that should be released soon. Next time I will mention the version numbers, my fault - but thanks a lot. So this two versions are not compatible in that way. 

Best Stefan

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