GeoEvent Processor - add email parsing as an input

05-08-2015 12:57 PM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

I would like to be able to take an incoming email and use it as an input to a GeoEvent. Furthermore, it would be great if GEP could parse the email. One example of how I have seen this done is sending a sample with email with a set format and highlighting the sections of the email and configuring a field name for the highlight section.

I would add sms messages as an input. My example would be texting an action and a facility id number, e.g. "Close VAL4235" would close valve 4235.

I did this using a custom extension. Open sourced the code, it reads and parses emails from a CBYD system 

GitHub - quick6black/CBYD-Email-for-geoevent: GeoEvent Processor input connector to Read and parse C...