Add SQL Server as an input to Geoevent

12-03-2013 01:05 PM
Status: Open
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Allow for a SQL Server table or view to be an input into GeoEvent Processor.
One use of this would be an app we have on the ipads that only collects tabular data. The app collects lat/long and so if we could generate a point from this that would be great!


...or for Field Enrichment of each real-time event.  Fields that are maintained in a separate non-GIS system that is in your agency or business.  CSV files are fine for little lists, but access to pull data from SQL or other DB tables is essential for larger datasets maintained by others.


Unfortunately one of the design objectives for GeoEvent Server is to keep the product database agnostic. The map/feature service REST endpoints are the intended interface between GeoEvent inputs, outputs, and processors (such as Field Enricher) and data in an enterprise geodatabase.

Database administrators have successfully created spatial views and registered these views with ArcGIS Server to create the service endpoint GeoEvent requires in order to access the database records.

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Thank you for the information, RJ!