Unable to Sync ArcGIS Mobile, SSL Certificate

08-20-2015 08:12 AM
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I have an ArcGIS Mobile project with a replica. I sync from my gps device to server once I have internet. This was working fine until my SSL certificate expire and we install a new one.

My services are secured and my gis mobile project is created reading this secured services.

Every time I want to sync my new data I got this error.

I also got this

I download and installed my new certificated following the steps from this help page. ArcGIS for Windows Mobile

I tried to use a web browser to checked if I can go through the certificate I got this message

Once I clicked I want to proceed I was able to use my certificate.

When I want to sync my data from Mobile I do not have that option to access via https or at least Mobile do not ask me if i want to proceed, as the web browser. I notice in fiddler that it is trying to communicate to my servier but because I do not have that option the sync fails.

I followed that steps suggested on the web page exporting and installing the certification in the trusted root on the device.

But something is not right because every time I turn off and on my gps and try to access my services using https, I got the same information windows and it suppose to be ignored or pass through because my certificated is already installed as the webpage suggested. I also tried installing ArcGIS Mobile on my desktop and there i am able to sync but not on the device.

am I doing something wrong? any idea? any suggestion?

Thanks for your help!

Diego Llamas

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From my experience Esri mobile products only supports CA Signed Certificates (from certificate authorities) or SHA-256 certificates but not SHA-1 certificates. Check your certificate type and if you can change it to a CA Signed Certificate it might alleviate all of your head aches. The SHA-256 will work but because it is not signed but a trusted certificate authority the OS will ask the end user if they trust the site and should proceed.

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Hi Ben,

I think i am using the correct one. I tried installing ArcGIS Mobile on my desktop and there i am able to sync but on the devices i am not.

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Diego, that's helpful, it doesn't look like your certificate should be an issue but can you check the details tab of the certificate dialog that you are in on the above screen shot and say whether it is an SHA-256 (see below). Also, if it is SHA-256 and it's from a Certificate Authority (CA) which it appears to be in your screen shot then it could be an authority that is not trusted somehow. We ran across a GoDaddy cert that Esri GeoEvent Processor did not trust, figured it out through a Esri Support Ticket and had to change the cert type.

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