ArcGIS Mobile Functionality Questions.

03-04-2010 10:43 AM
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I work for an ESRI distributor and have a few quiestions about some specific development that we are intrested in doing but I'm not shure if ArcGIS Mobile 10 would be the rigth tool for the Job.
This are the questions that I have:

  1. The same ArcGIS Mobile Application extension modules that can be develop for Windows (Vista, XP, 7) can also be develop for the Windows Mobile 6 Platform? Would any of the fallowing requirements be limited to any of those platforms?

  2. I know that relationship classes are not supported but if the mobile map service contains tables are those tables transfer to the mobile cache and attributes populated and sync with the server?

  3. Most of the data to be collected on the field will be attribute data that would be link to a spatial record on the database. Can we handle those relationship on the mobile application using a custom extension module?

  4. Besides images can I attached other binary (drawing, xml) data to a record and sync with the mobile service?

  5. Can I have multiple attachments per record?

  6. Do the images or attachments have to be saved in the GDB to be able to sync or can they be saved as a link?

  7. Do the images or attachment have to be sync with all other attribute data or can they optionally be sync at a later time using a connection with greater broadband?

  8. The solution that we are working requires the assignment of workloads by device so only data related to a work order is transfer the corresponding device and once the work order is completed and approved by a supervisor the data(images, attachments, mobile service cache) is removed from the mobile device.

If any of this is not possible on either Windows Mobile or Windows using ArcGIS Mobile Extension Modules let me know.


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