Record Updated in a Feature Layer take a long time to trigger flow

01-12-2023 12:45 PM
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I have to Power Automate flows that are very similar (one is based on a polygon HFL and the other one is a point HFL). Both layers have a refresh interval set to 0.5 MIN. Both layers have a web hook that has been created while building the flows using he ArcGIS Connector, and the frequency is set at 30 sec


So my issue is: When I update a polygon record, the flow is triggered immediately (boom! fast). BUT when I update a point record, it takes 2 minutes for the flow to trigger


What am I missing?


Thank you!

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Sign in to Power Automate. Go to Data > Connections. Find the connection that your flow uses. Select Fix connections, and then update the credentials for your connection if there is a Fix connection message next to the Status column.

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I have no Fix Connections next to it, and both of my flows are using the same connection



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The webhooks are controlled by ArcGIS Online and there is not much on the Power Automate side where there is much control. One thing I would do - test the webhooks by attaching a test webhook from to see when they are actually firing. If you continue to have inconsistent firing of the webhooks, submit a support request.

Sean McGinnis - ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 Product Manager
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That is a nice tool, thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately for me, seems like the webhook is triggered between 2 and 4 minutes (did 5 tests) which are consistent with I was getting within Power Automate. I will contact Support tomorrow.

Thank you and I will update the post when I get more info.


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