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05-29-2019 08:28 AM
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I have a spreadsheet that has 2 MS SQL Server Queries with about 2000 records each.  The queries run quickly and the map I created plots the points quickly.  If I save the spreadsheet and then reopen and refresh the queries each query takes up to 2 minutes to run and update the map (I have "Refresh data when opening the file" toggled ON).  I found a python script to run REFRESH ALL to refresh the data offline.  However when I then try to open the spreadsheet after running the script I get an immediate error, "An error has occurred" and the map doesn't open.  I usually saw this error if I did not have "Enable background refresh" enabled for the query.  I think the error has to do with verifying sign-in to AGOL)

My python updating would solve my problem if I can get past this error (I would disable the "Refresh data when opening the file).

Does anyone have a suggestion to either fix the problem or improve performance of refreshing a query to ensure users see the latest data when they open the spreadsheet.

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Good Afternoon Jonathan, 

Thank you for posting! I'd like to start by asking if you would be able to call into Support Services to create a technical support case? In doing so, we can get you a designated analyst who can dive deeper into this issue. Please let me know if this is not an option (meaning you need your customer number or are unsure of the terms of the companies support contract). 

Here is the contact number for Support Services in the meantime - 1-888-377-4575! 


Shannon | Product Engineer

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