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ArcGIS for Excel 2024. - ‘What hasn’t changed?’ Change log

06-12-2024 10:54 AM
Esri Contributor
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Our exceptional and most extraordinary update yet for ArcGIS for Excel 2024. has new features, improved functionality, and an excel-lent new user interface. It is an entirely new user experience that will hopefully blow your mind!  

New Features: 

The latest update of ArcGIS for Excel introduces spatial filtering and navigation tools as new features. 

  • Spatial filtering – is an analysis function that compares two layers to match specific input spatial criteria and generate a result layer. 

ShannonCardoza_0-1718214339919.pngSelect Analysis option and create spatial filter 

ShannonCardoza_1-1718214339921.pngNext, Select Layers and Filter type 

  • Navigation tools – Set a home or map extent or add a bookmark  

ShannonCardoza_2-1718214339922.pngClick to Set home extent or Lock map extent 

ShannonCardoza_3-1718214339925.pngTo add a new bookmark, simply select the new bookmark shortcut   

This update also fixes several bugs related to languages.  Additionally, to make mapping easier, we have redesigned the following: 

  • Getting Started pages 
  • Function builder 
  • Improved error messaging  
  • Tooltips 
  • Symbology 
  • Share and export 
  • Selection  
  • Buffer 
  • Infographic cards 
  • Analysis tools 
  • Add from ArcGIS 
  • Layer properties 
  • Full-screen view option 
  • Fixed multiple language issues 
  • BUG-000150596 If values are filtered out, they are visible again in the map when opened again in ArcGIS for Excel 
  • BUG-000165203 ArcGIS for Excel method 'Filter sheet' throws error 'The object path isn't working for what you're trying to do.' 


  • Redesigned Getting Started pages 

  • Redesigned Function builder 

  • Selection 

  • Buffer 

  • Export 

Quality of mapping: 

  • Enhanced geolocator and geocoding functionality. 
  • ENH-000160820 Allowing ArcGIS for Excel to retain the changes made in the application even after updating the layer. 
  • ENH-000160946 Unable to view the records from the related table of a feature service in ArcGIS for Excel. 

Updates should be seen at once. If you do not see the changes, you may need to refresh or close Excel and restart it. 

On behalf of my team, we would love to hear your thoughts on the update, so feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section of the blog post about the update. 

Till next time! 


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Shannon has been with Esri since 2010. She is a Product Engineer on the ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 team with prior experience as a GIS Analyst and Support Service Representative for Esri's Support Services team. She holds an MBA degree from Grand Canyon University and a Business Management degree from the University of Redlands. As a Redlands native, she enjoys sharing the history of the town with others. In her spare time, you are likely to find Shannon enjoying quality time with her furbabies, tending to her mini farm, and traveling with her family.