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Plug ArcGIS in AutoCAD 2020

05-16-2019 11:31 AM
New Contributor

I have downloaded ArcGIS for AutoCAD and now need instructions on how to plug it in to AutoCAD 2020.

Thank you

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I have successfully loaded build 370 into AutoCAD 2020.

Can someone give me some specifics on how to get it to "stick"?  When i close AutoCAD and open it again it is no longer there.  I know i can go back to Netload, and reload the .dll.... but i'd like to have it automatically load each time i open autocad.


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Esri Contributor

The application comes with a launcher that you can find in your start menu. This launcher will open both AutoCAD and ArcGIS for AutoCAD loaded, while AutoCAD 202 isn't officially certified for the 370 release I believe the launcher should still work. In the upcoming 400 release, we will be automatically loading when AutoCAD launches, to alleviate this problem. 


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Esri Contributor

Another easy way to make ArcGIS for AutoCAD load whenever AutoCAD starts is to use either an ACAD.LSP file or a Script.  Each of these is outlined in the documentation for ArcGIS for AutoCAD.

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