Which Android emulator to run on Windows 10 for demonstrating Field Maps?

10-04-2022 02:24 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hi all,

We have several Field Maps application prototypes would like to demonstrate to colleagues online (via Teams), whcih Android emulator are you using or recommend to adopt on Windows 10 platform. I have tried some free tools such as Bluestacks, NOX Player, LD Player, but they don't support Field Maps. Any good suggestions? Thanks folks.

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What I do is install teams on the tablet then join the meeting as a second device (it will ask you).  Then you can share the tablet screen and it will not mess up the PC audio.  There was a bug were the presenter cannot see the share but I think it may be fixed.

Another option is TeamViewer.  It will let you control the tablet from the PC using the mouse.  It is also awesome for doing remote support on a tablet.

Zoom can also do it.  Before teams had it I would share with my PC then share that zoom window.

I do not think an emulator will ever really work right.  I have used them in the past but super buggy, slow, and not all things work.  Things like app linking will not go I think.

Hope that helps

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by Anonymous User
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Thanks for your experience shared. I've tried using TeamViewer, it works pretty good in my Teams meeting, really appreciated.