When will the new smart form capabilities for offline use be rolled out?

01-12-2021 07:18 PM
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There is a Jan 03 update of what's coming next for smart forms but I was unable to find release dates for these. Does anyone know when these will be rolled out?

I was counting on attribute rules and FeatureSet being released in December. 

My current limitations for offline use of Field Maps at the moment are: I need the most recent status that is updated in a related table to be auto-populated in the main table as Current_Status, also so that the symbology can be updated immediately in the field (i.e. red to green when the status is changed). I also need it to be a requirement that a photo is taken each time the status is changed in the related table. Is it also possible to record location coordinates (X,Y) in such a related table (without adding points to the map)? 

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Hi Cassie,

There are no definitive timelines for some of these features. There are some underlying dependencies that are preventing some of these features from moving forward and we are working with those teams to get those blockers prioritized. This is especially true for required attachments and attribute rules.

Calculated values (with FeatureSet support) and in-line related records are two of our top priorities for data collection and smart forms for 2021.

Regarding your question about storing x/y values, I think once calculations with FeatureSets/Relationships are supported, this would be possible.

As far as releases, the team is moving towards quarterly releases coinciding with ArcGIS Online updates. The next update is tentatively planned for late March or early April. Some small to medium sized smart forms enhancements are planned for that release; it will not include any of the features you asked about.

Can you describe your data model a little bit more especially regarding the attachments. When the status is changed in the related table, does the attachment need to be required for that table or for the parent feature?

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