Vector Map Load Times

05-10-2023 10:15 AM
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I have a webmap that uses a vector tile, as well as a feature service for editing functionality. Neither are set up to allow off-line use.

My understanding of vector tiles was that they are downloaded and rendered device side, to prevent unneeded calls back to the ArcGIS Server while panning and zooming.

Therefore why, if I have previously had this map open, does it present me with a blank screen for 30 sec + before then presenting only a basemap while making me wait another 30 sec + to load the vector tile? Shouldn't the vector tile still be there from before?

(FYI, I had full 5G connectivity at time of testing).




I have also downloaded the esri basemap as a *.vtpk onto the iPad and specified it as the *.vtpk that a "Device will use a tile package it already has". However, as it's not an offline enabled webmap I assume it's just ignoring the *vtpk?

I'm basically looking for any webmap performance gain tips & tricks without having to go offline...

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