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Transparency settings from Map Viewer not honored in Field Maps - Enterprise 11.1

05-18-2023 08:46 AM
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I have a weird situation where the symbology I set in Map Viewer is not being honored in the Field Maps app. We recently upgraded to Enterprise 11.1 and I'm running Field Maps on Android (app version 23.1.1).

I am using an Arcade expression to drive symbology, and Transparency is set to 0% (should be totally solid) at both the layer level and symbology level.


How it looks in Map Viewer: 



How it looks in Field Maps: 



Is this a possible bug or is there a workaround? Thanks!

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Hey @marksm_macomb , we've had the exact same issue happen between Field Maps, Experience Builder, and AGOL over the past two weeks. We've got ticket open with ESRI and are checking through possible causes or bugs but no answer yet. Probably not a bad idea to open one as well so they are aware of it in case it's more than just our two orgs experiencing this.



Jansen Lyons - Records and GIS Section - Public Works - City of Rio Rancho, NM
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