Signing into Field Maps iOS 15.1

11-12-2021 09:22 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a user who is having trouble signing into Field Maps. They have the latest version of the app installed on their iPhone 12 running iOS15.1. We walked through the sign in process together, checked the app settings, and did everything the same on their phone and mine. I was able to log in and they were returned to the log in screen without an error message. They have the same user permissions as I do, so there should not be an issue getting access.


Here are the steps we took to sign in:

Open Field Maps

Choose "Sign in with ArcGIS Online"

Sign in with Your organization's URL

Sign into Organization -This is where I am able to get in and they are not. The only difference is I am running on iOS 14.8.1 and they are on 15.1


If anyone has any insight into this I would greatly appreciate it.


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I have also just experienced this. Checked the phone settings, iOS 15.1.1 in this case. They do have a 12 Pro Max vs my 12 Pro with iOS 15.1.1. Did an uninstall/reinstall, rebooted etc. When the user logs in they see the map and then they tap on it and the "Unable to load map". Every other phone nearby was tested and the application works just fine. 

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