Problem with "acquiring location" after taking photo

05-11-2022 08:45 AM
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One of my field crew is running into an issue when taking photos using Field Maps where he gets an unfixable error of "acquiring location."

Our workflow is:

  1. Go to work location
  2. Select a parcel (polygon)
  3. Take photo of this location
  4. (Sometimes) take additional photos of same location from different angles
  5. Update fields in dataset for this location

However, recently when he's been in the field here is what happens:

  1. Go to work location
  2. Select a parcel
  3. Take photo of location
  4. Field Maps says "Acquiring Location" and will not save photo or ever acquire location
  5. He has to restart app and retake photo

He states that in the past this error was very rare (a couple times a day). Now, he's seeing it almost every other time he tries to take a photo. He has been using the beta version of Field Maps because the non-beta was crashing on startup (there's another thread about this problem on this forum now). However, he was having this problem with the old non-beta version occasionally, so not sure if it's a beta issue or something else.


Thanks for any advice!

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We had issues on iPhones in the field. The solution was to disable VPN.  No problems since.

Basic question.  Make sure Location is enabled in your device settings. Also have the field person take note of their data signal when it happens.

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Hi Kevin,

I have a few follow up questions - 

Does this workflow involve offline areas or are you online while collecting data? And does the GPS location work before capturing the photo or does it never acquire a location? And as Robert mentioned, can you confirm that location is enabled for Field maps for that user?

Also, what happens between steps 2 and 3 above? You select the parcel, but then do you start editing the polygon to add new photo attachments? Or are you adding related records or linking out to another app like Survey 123?


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We are experiencing the same issue now, using a Samsung tablet with offline areas and a Trimble DA2 receiver.

The issue presents itself with the following workflow:

  1. Open Field Maps, GPS is connected with the correct accuracy.
  2. Add a feature, e.g. a polygon.
  3. Fill in the form.
  4. Tap on Take Photo.
  5. Take the photo and click OK.
  6. Receive "acquiring location" error.

I'll try to get a screenshot next time it happens and post it.

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