Problem updating combo box list in Field Maps mobile app

08-11-2022 12:02 PM
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I am having problems updating the list for a combo box on the Field Maps mobile app.  I was updated the list on the Field Maps web app and all looks great there.  The map offline area packages without error.  I re-download the updated offline area in the mobile app but the changes to the list do not appear in the combo box in the mobile app. I'm running Field Maps version 22.3.0 Build 1199.  Thanks in advance.

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Is the layer you are updating in the Field Maps web app a view by any chance?  If it is working online and not offline, I believe it is because the mobile geodatabase gets its schema from the source layer and not the view.  Not sure if this is true for AGOL and all versions of Enterprise, or if this is just an issue with some?  On 10.8.x, we have to make sure the fields match up manually ; I believe in AGOL, you can update the source layers and refresh the views.  My apologies if this does not directly relate to your issue, but figured it was worth noting.

Mitchell Grafstein, Horticultural Inspector 1, NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets
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