Prepopulate external table from feature class in Field Maps

03-23-2021 06:18 AM
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Hello everyone,

We are working in field maps with our water pumpstations with external tables related back to the feature class (pumpstation)

Is there a way to prepopulate certain fields in the external tables from fields in the feature class every time a new inspection is done? We are trying to eliminate repetitive work and save time with the inspection.

I've looked over any information I could find on this answer but I'm not able to come up with the solution I need.

Has anyone else been able to accomplish this and what did you do?

Thank you for your time,



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Hi Gabriel,

I'll be curious to see if anyone else has a current solution, but from what I've seen in this article, the functionality you are seeking is coming soon. Check out the "What's Coming Next" section. 

You could, in theory, author a hosted feature service with the layers and related tables you are seeking, and create a custom Survey123 form that would work for now, and then when Field Maps has the functionality, simply switch over using the same feature service, if necessary. Survey123 has lots of related table functionality and there's a ton of great documentation on their website to set it up in Survey123 Connect.

Good luck!


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If the backend is not AGOL you can take a look at attribute rules.  AGOL may get them as well soon.

If you just need to see the values in the other table Arcade can show you (just not a real field).  I like this because it takes care of the data in 2 places issue.  If the parent changes the child has the old data.

If you mean the child inherits from the parent then 123 is prob the way to go.  Unless you can use the featureset functions in default value?  Not sure have not done much forms in Field Maps.

Hope that helps

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@gabrielriley as @TravisSizemore mentioned we are planning to add support in the near future to perform calculations using Arcade as part of our forms capabilities. Do you want to transfer/duplicate the information from the pumpstation feature to the inspection, or just view this information while performing the inspection?

If you're interested in transferring that information and storing it in the inspection record, can you share any specific about what you'd want to transfer between the pumpstation and the inspection?  Would it just be a simple copy of the existing value?

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@DougMorgenthaler to answer you question about the pumpstation inspection, we are looking at transferring a simple copy of what is already in the feature class. Any help with this would be greatly appreciate.

Another question I might ask is, is there a way to transfer data from the inspection form back to the feature class. Example: we change symbology of pumpstations that have been inspected (e.g 2020 to 2021 would be different colors on our maps), is there a way to bring that data back from an inspection form to the feature class without them having to enter in repeat data on the inspection form from and then enter it again on the feature class?

happy to talk about this more over the phone if you can make the time and than you for your advice.


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