Possible Bug: Field Maps will not work properly with an 'empty' Feature Layer

06-02-2021 03:29 PM
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I am logging what appears to be a bug/software defect with Field Maps and Feature Templates.

Problem:  I was unable to prepare a map for offline use when the Web Map referenced an empty Feature Layer with no records - and thus no Feature Template.

You will get an immediate failure message when preparing the managed map areas or manually downloading the map areas from the phone.

Solution: Create a new feature (and thus the Feature Template) before preparing your Field Map app for the field.  You can delete the point after.


  • AGOL
  • Field Maps for iOS (App Version 21.1, Build 396)

It would be great if this was better documented in online tutorials/help.  Thank you


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I'm not able to reproduce this using a simple Feature Layer Template from ArcGIS Online.

How are you publishing/creating your layers?

Are there multiple layers/tables in the feature service?

Do your layers have Feature Types or just templates?

These are hosted layers, correct?

What is the exact error message are you seeing?

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