Points added on Field Maps are not being synced, edits on existing points have no issues.

12-14-2021 12:47 PM
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Hello. I made a simple map with existing points, which the field auditor would go and edit these points. It was also possible for him to add new points as well. 

After the work was finished, I found it funny because he never added a single point. Later I discovered that he indeed added a bunch, but they were not being synced. However, all the edits he made were synced to the map.

The collection was made using an offline area. 

- The layer in question had "Add" enabled on editing

- I tested it on my own phone. I can add a point on the map, I can sync without error, but the point never appears on the main layer.

- There are no filters on the map I'm using to check the points.

- Any edits to existing points are synced without issue. 

- We tested in collector as well, and it still does not work. 

- I already used the exact same methodology in other maps and never had this issue.

- After sync, the points still appear on the fields map, but not on the web map (or arcgis pro)

I'm worried to lose the data.  Is there a way to extract the data from the phone, besides the sync function?

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The "Add" capability could have been accidentally disabled at the time the offline area was downloaded to the device.  

If you still have the offline map on device,  you may be able to get the local database and open it in ArcGIS Pro:




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for your last question, as long as you haven't removed your offline area, you may try this: https://support.esri.com/en/technical-article/000026799 .

I have not tried it myself, but expect to in the future..  This is ESRI afterall.



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