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Passing field values from Field Maps to Survey123 form for a layer

02-01-2024 09:55 AM
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Hi - I am hoping someone can help. I have read a lot about how to pass a value from Field Maps to Survey123 Form and thought I understood, but it is not working for me. 

I have a hosted feature service in Field Maps. One of the layers in the service is called PlantedAreas and is a polygon layer.  When new marsh plantings are done, a user would create the polygon in Field Maps representing the area where the plantings were done. The user would select from subtypes(integer) 1 = L ow Marsh and 2 = High Marsh. I then want a Survey123 form to pop up for a user to input data about the planting such as date, type of plants, who planted, substrate, etc. However, I want the PlantingAreaType which is the subtype field indicating if the polygon is Low Marsh (1) or High Marsh (2) to automatically fill in on the Survey123 form getting the value from field maps.  This would be helpful to reduce the user having to renter the PlantingAreaType in to Survey123 and the PlantingAreaType of Marsh indicates which questions will show up on the Survey123 form.  Using the below link in the Field Maps provides the survey after someone creates a new polygon, but I can't get any values to show up in the Survey123 form. I have PlantingAreaType (integer) in my Field Maps layer and in my Survey123 XLS form. 


What am I doing wrong?

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Maybe the GlobalID field is a problem? As far as I know, those are readonly so maybe you need a GUID field that's not protected to take a GlobalID as in relationship classes 1 to many.