Order of Related Tables keeps changing in Field Maps

12-03-2021 12:41 AM
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Dear All,

I have 3-4 related tables linked through a UID to a polygon layer. The thing is, every time we select the polygons, the order of the related tables keeps changing. so sometimes the related polygons layer will appear first, and sometimes the other tables will appear first. How can this be fixed? I need the tables to appear in a specific order only.



after a few edits, the order changes to this:


 Any help is much appreciated.


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Hello Abid,

I looked around online and I didn't see a whole lot of documentation referenced to your particular problem.  Have you read through this technical support guide:  https://support.esri.com/en/technical-article/000015422

If this continues to be an issue it may be worth while to contact ESRI support and have them take a look at it... or you may have a new idea they haven't considered yet.  Either way, good luck!

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Yes, I thought so as well. Thanks for your help. I was wondering if you've run into the same problem when using the app?

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