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Offline maps break without warning

08-28-2023 01:57 PM
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Does anyone else experience their offline maps suddenly failing to download? 

My maps are prepared for offline use and have been working offline. I go to download a new area, or sometimes add a new layer (but not always). And the download fails. Sync and offline areas are enabled, and everything appears as it should, but the download fails. 

This happens to me frequently and the only solution I have found is to create a new map and add the exact same layers to it. 

It is not the basemap because my maps that have not yet broken for offline use can download the same basemap.


If anyone else is experiencing this bug or knows how to pinpoint offline map download errors, please help. I've had to remake my maps so many times it is very frustrating and is getting to the point where I can't rely on Field Maps for our mapping needs. 

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MVP Notable Contributor

Are you creating offline areas and downloading offline area in Field Maps app or Add offline area in Field Maps?

If creating offline areas, have you re-created them after adding layers or any other schema changes?

Are you trying to create/download an area larger than ones you have successfully downloaded before?

If larger area than before, perhaps it is the basemap and the offline area size is too large?

If you delete the troubleshooting logs in Field Maps app, then re-try the download, what does the troubleshooting log say?


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Thanks for the follow-up questions. This specific instance, I am downloading offline areas in the Field Maps app. My test downloads are much smaller than I would usually download so I do not believe it is a size limitation. 


Here is my log entry on the failed download:


8/28/23, 4:06 PM [b90453b1-f0bd-4ed2-9bdc-b66da38e8b7d] - Error downloading map: Error Code=500 "Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters." UserInfo={NSLocalizedFailureReason=Enable change tracking error., NSURL=, responseJSON={
error = {
code = 500;
details = (
"Enable change tracking error."
message = "Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters.";
lastUpdatedTime = 1693260255957;
replicaID = "";
replicaName = "";
status = Failed;
submissionTime = 1693260206560;
targetType = client;
}, AGSCredentialErrorKey=username: 28152016040507378872011_usfs
token: z1Tq6yvJUZXYPWBwTFlVFrNFjdwfwVPNghW3_ZCWaViQ6ucuA2uZ-ME3pI6N2DzKZ3J1NnE5XM-4loy3Ikqfse2XYdOeqCaSkgBtayDLZo2DvxVvOxcDP0jBYLHSgqWBh0LINO7F_S5MwGFzAl_DVcSE7AUEnce_URfvNjs6V9qKBu3UUZ8gRQElorBJbMqZ_Of6i-XzQLk_cNX8gDUdKIiR0X48HIHd2zlwue2Ju-C67AgriJP92s5hBtbxWW1KQdovByIUa_ChwobE5FnDz__OAzY9EyHsXe8fVmvz_o4QRENMEKVaAxME0RGOb_I7p00f-iqGI0qjTaOMAWOwMQ..
tokenExpiration: 2023-08-28 23:30:07 +0000
, NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters.}

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Oh and also this: 


Found an Exploded Map Package at: file:///private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/CB4B7833-256F-45DB-9478-8A90B8050241/Documents/28152016040507378872011_usfs@gGHDlz6USftL5Pau/mapareas/eb2ca4cb713c4107abe49f13f3dd0afe/384f83c0-3b6b-4705-a022-a7d639bdd6de/

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Have you tried re-creating them in Field Maps Designer or map viewer?


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I'm in the processes of recreating my forms from a point feature layer and my other layers into a new map as new feature layers. That is usually the only thing that works. Sometimes adding the same old layers to a new map will solve the issue, but not this specific time.

Either way I feel like I shouldn't have to recreate the layers like this every time the map breaks. Especially because my forms have lots of calculations that I have to configure in Field Maps Designer and it is very tedious to keep having to scrap and recreate my maps. 

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I wouldn't think you would need to re-create everything just because of an offline issue.

The error message suggests something with editor tracking, but not sure. 

I've had similar issues in the past and I  removed each replica from each device,  went to the item details and un-checked editor tracking, sync and editing for all the layers used in the offline map. Then, go to the REST interface and unregister all replicas (you will lose any edits that are not synced) for all services in the map.

Then, turn editing, sync, tracking, etc. back on and re-create the replicas with Field Maps Designer or Map Viewer.   I never had much success with the Add Offline Area in the Field Map apps, so I generate offline areas beforehand and download them.

Remember to NOT have the same layer in the map more than once, or there will be issues.

My biggest issue with the offline areas was trying to include a full basemap, ESRI or otherwise.

The offline area gets huge pretty fast if the area is very large, and will fail.  So, for my Field Map maps that I want to take offline, my basemap is a single vector basemap with just an outline of my study area.  The actual 'basemap' that I use is downloaded onto the device locally as a tpk(x).


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I would try to disable change tracking, sync and enable them back. You do not need to enable change tracking if all what you need to create offline and sync. You will see change tracking in the UX under (Keep track of changes to the data (add, update, delete features). Unfortunately you will have to delete all existing replicas on this service before disable sync. It is possible sync was enabled and there has been some schema changes after.





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