Offline map with alternative vector tile basemap instead of imagery basemap

10-30-2022 05:01 PM
by Anonymous User
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We've got a Field Maps map with offline enabled and it works well with the default imagery tiles except when it needs to cover a large area. As it's imagery it takes up a lot of space and the offline maps need to cover a larger area, with a lower level of detail, than what's allowed by default. I thought I'd add a vector tile basemap to the map and then users could turn one or the other off and still do a download or create Offline maps using just the vector tiles.

I tried changing the map to a vector tile basemap with an imagery tile layer (as a layer) but the image tile layer dominates the map. The offline maps functionality seems to differ between an Offline map area created in the Field Maps desktop app, where there's no option to turn layers on and off, and in the Field Maps mobile app where there is an option to turn layers (not basemaps) on and off when taking a map offline. 

Ideally I need an offline area which updates itself so I'm wanting it to be created as an Offline map area in the Field Maps desktop app but I can't see a way to have a vector tile basemap and also allow for a image tile service for smaller areas.

I'm assuming if I change the vector tile basemap back to an image tile basemap (after creating some Offline map areas with the vector tiles) the Offline map areas will no longer be updated or it'll error as it won't be able to find the vector tile basemap in the web map??

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I ended up creating a small vector basemap that has only the outline of my study area and no image layers at all.  This way, I am able to use Field Maps web to create offline areas at max scale levels without it being too large.

Then, I just sideload the imagery basemaps I want to use on the field device itself.



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by Anonymous User
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I wish this would work for us but as we're providing a map used by four different contracted companies, covering six different areas of the country I can't easily bundle, and have them sideload each area's imagery.

Ideally users would be able to use imagery tiles by default and then switch them out to a vector tile basemap when I need to create the offline areas.

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Hello there

I have the same problem, and tried to implement the same solution, of defining vt basemap in the web map, and sideload tpkx.

But, the package creation of the web map with the vt - has failed, in the desktop web designer and in the mobile app.

Do you have an idea why It happens?

Thanks in advance


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