Offline Map Area Fail

10-28-2021 12:06 AM
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Hoping this is an easy win for someone. Possibly I'm getting tunnel vision trying to troubleshoot this myself?

Issue: Can’t add offline basemap.

  • Currently works on tablet while connected to wifi (w/ no offline area)
  • Field Maps web version shows green tick marks everywhere. Content good to go offline.
  • Doesn’t work adding an offline area via tablet
  • No, there aren’t any current offline areas that I need to delete
  • Also tried on different device, an Android mobile. Still doesn't work.
  • Also tried creating the offline map area on Field Maps web version. Doesn’t work.
  • Followed this article-
    • Deduced the problem is Layer 7 (Parcels)
      • Exported this layer from the feature hosted layer group and added into a map by itself. Reran the steps in the above article. Same warning message as below. Know it is Layer 7, but don’t know what about Layer 7 is wrong.
      • What have I done to make the offline areas not work anymore? It used to be able to download them.

Any recommendations/suggestions for how to deduce what’s wrong with the specific layer/ keeping the offline area from being created?

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