Offline & SD storage - Android 11

06-17-2021 03:08 AM
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Is there a recommended approach to store maps on external (SD) storage following the recent Android 11 update Storage updates in Android 11  |  Android Developers 

Documentation suggests "using a file explorer on your computer, browse to \Android\data\com.esri.fieldmaps\files\basemaps (if the folder doesn't exist, create it)", however the Android\data is no longer accessible following the update.

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Yes it is blocked by default now.

If you plug into a PC you should see it.

On the device you can use a 3rd party app File Manager app that can see it. (some listed in link below)

On some devices like a Pixel you can see it in files app if you dig through the menus.

For more info do a search its a common post

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I've had luck with this mobile file manager app>


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Use X-plore from Google Play