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Offline & SD storage - Android 11

06-17-2021 03:08 AM
by Anonymous User
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Is there a recommended approach to store maps on external (SD) storage following the recent Android 11 update Storage updates in Android 11  |  Android Developers 

Documentation suggests "using a file explorer on your computer, browse to \Android\data\com.esri.fieldmaps\files\basemaps (if the folder doesn't exist, create it)", however the Android\data is no longer accessible following the update.

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Yes it is blocked by default now.

If you plug into a PC you should see it.

On the device you can use a 3rd party app File Manager app that can see it. (some listed in link below)

On some devices like a Pixel you can see it in files app if you dig through the menus.

For more info do a search its a common post

Hope that helps

by Anonymous User
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I've had luck with this mobile file manager app>


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Use X-plore from Google Play

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Good afternoon

Did you get any further with this? I previously tested pushing out tpk files using our MDM software with success but they no longer work on Android 11 devices as I can't write to the data\com.esri.fieldmaps\files\basemaps folder.

@JeffShaner  Will a future FieldMaps update included the ability to define the storage location? Is there a recommended approach to dealing with this as @Anonymous User asked?

I envisage problems getting data off devices that fail to sync as well. We rely on our MDM system to remotely copy the files and manually load them at the moment and I don't think this will work going forwards.

Thank you

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I just wanted to respond to this comment as I am also among those interested in the ability to define the storage location. Unless I am mistaken, this does not appear to be possible yet, but I am unsure. 

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