Odd photo attachment orientation issues with iOS Field Maps

08-25-2021 02:48 AM
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I've just created a hosted feature service in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 with various point layers and related tables. My workflow is generally working ok but in doing some basic testing I've noticed an issue with the photo orientation from an iOS Field Maps client.

These are the steps I'm taking:

  1. Add new record in related table
  2. Press add photo button
  3. Take a portrait photo
  4. Press use photo
  5. Return back to data entry form

Now at this stage before submitting the record the photo thumbnail that is being shown in the form is rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise, as is the full image when I tap to view. So this is happening in the client rather than anything to do with the server (as far as I can tell). When I submit the record and look at it in the web map in a PC web browser then the attachment is incorrectly rotated.

I've done a similar test with an Android client and get a different result. In this case the portrait photo that I capture on the device is correctly orientated but it's been stretched to be landscape orientation - so the aspect ratio is all messed up. However when I upload this one to the server and view on PC it's correct in both orientation and aspect ratio.

Have just also tried this in a different map in iOS to see if it was something about my configuration and I get the same issue. I'm not aware of having set anything in the map config relating to photo sizes or orientation. iOS client version is 21.2.2 build 465 and Android is 21.2.2 build 401.

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Hey Gareth!

Sad you have not had any response from Esri. As a supportive hand-holding we are experience this with at least one of our iPads using Field Maps. We have the same map set in different devices as offline. Both iPads have the image orientation locked in the iOS control panel. All camera settings are the same, OS is the same, and users are side by side collecting the same point.

If you come across any resolution please be sure to share via this post as it is very sad for our staff to manually rotate the images in Pro or Online.