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Need to remove Child question data if Parents question answer changes.

09-27-2022 07:09 AM
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We are using Field Maps to allow users to collect data in the field. Users often review the collected data back in the office and sometimes make changes to the data.  The form features several Parent questions who answers affect if/which child questions need to be answered.

We are running into the issue where the parent question is originally answered in a way that generate the child questions. The users then completes the child question. After saving the form the user then changes the answer to the parent, to an answer that does not require the child question to be answered. In the user's mind this should remove the pervious answer to the child questions. However, the database still retains that original answer. (Example below)

Is there a way to format the form/database to automatically remove any entered child data if the parent changes? We are open to solutions outside of Field Maps for web editing. 


Parent Question:  1) Is there an issue with the parcel? (Yes/No)

If no, go to question 2. If yes, show question 1A.

Child Question 1A) Can the issue be resolved? (Yes/No)

Question 1A is formatted to hide if Question 1 = No

In the field the user answers Yes to question 1 and then chooses No to question 1A. The user then completes and saves the rest of the form.

The user then decides that they need to change their answer to question 1. Now the answer to question 1 is No and Q1A is hidden. However, the original data the user entered still shows in the data table and this is causing issues when running reports.


Thank you, Jessica 

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