Nature reserve guided walks - is field maps the most appropriate tool?

08-02-2021 03:44 AM
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Hi all!

I have been trying to create some guided tours on our nature reserves for members of the public to easily access and use. I was previously using Explorer (and now Field Maps) to do this. I was just wondering if the community had any advice/suggestions on which is the most appropriate ESRI tool to be doing this in? There is a slightly overwhelming array of apps with somewhat overlapping functionality and I haven't quite got my head round it all yet.

From what I can see I have two options (well one, really):

  • use the normal ESRI apps (e.g. field maps) that people can download and provide a QR code to load a webmap with pop ups within this.
  • Create a custom map tour app using AppStudio, but would require the developer edition to be able to offer this to the public - which is not an option for us.

I would need the map to be able to:

  • Use on a mobile device, offline. 
  • Display text and image pop-ups for points on a map (ideally in a nicer way than explorer/field maps does)
  • Custom basemap and layers visable
  • Show user's location
  • Easy to download and access with no log-in required
  • If possible, track how many people have downloaded it to their device.

Is there anything that would do all of the above better than Field Maps without paying for a developer license? Thanks!


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